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What a Muddle

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The price includes UK P&P What a Muddle is an excellent workbook written to help children with emotional regulation. The book is written in a story format and requires the child to engage with the story and participate in exercises that promotes and enhances emotional regulation. This book can be used by adopters, fosrter carers, therapists, social workers and teachers alike. The book is very practical and include clear instructions on how to best make use of it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have been using this book for the last 6 months with children living in foster carer and the results have been remarkable. This is the only book I know of that really helps children understand why they seem to get into so many difficulties and why this isn’t their fault. The book also gives children and their carers exercises to practice each day that really make a difference in helping them to manage their ‘wobbles’ and as an adoptive parent I can recommend this book as a mum as well as a psychotherapist. Clinical Lead Elaine Sullivan Suffolk Therapeutic Fostering Service. Rear Cover: 'What a Muddle’ is an interactive therapeutic workbook designed to help children begin to understand the impact that difficult or traumatic experiences can have on the functioning of the brain. A variety of activities throughout the book enable the child to start to explore this complex subject through the story of Sam, while gently encouraging them to begin to verbalise their own experiences. Physical exercises in the book can promote changes in emotional regulation. The workbook also provides plenty of opportunity to introduce and promote the child’s sense of confidence and self worth. Having created the concept of ‘What a Muddle’, the content was inspired by children in therapy, ensuring that it is easy to follow, easy to understand and user friendly for parents, carers and practitioners alike.
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