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Brainy Cards

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Brainy cards are the LATEST in a line of very unique products to help children with emotional regulation in a more practical way. The brainy cards show examples of activities that can be used with children to facilitate emotional regulation . They are designed to be used by parents, therapists, counsellors, teachers, social workers, youth workers or anyone trying to assist the child who is hyper or hypo aroused. When we are working with children who have experienced trauma we need to respond intelligently; a "brainy response". This means not just reacting to the observable behaviour on the outside of the child but responding to what is happening in the brain of the child. Children who are emotionally dysregulated - hypo or hyper aroused, are not able to access their thinking brain and instead are driven by their lower brain levels - their mammal brain (emotional / limbic) and or the lower reptile brain (sensorimotor/ brain stem). All children are different and the activities can be chosen to suit the child and the situation. Because the brain learns by repetition, practice makes perfect. The more a child practices the activities, the easier it will be for them to be able to regulate themselves. 18 cards, each with a different activity to choose from and use on a regular basis. 1.Parents may use the cards at home to assist their child to emotionally regulate; to facilitate attachment and to encourage playful interactions. 2.Teachers may use them with individual children or with whole classes to encourage children to be calm or to help them to be more awake - they can be useful at transition times e.g. Beginning, end of the day or break times. 3.Therapists / counsellors may use them with children as part of their therapeutic intervention to encourage safety and stabilisation for the child and to assist the child's sense of empowerment and control of their own bodies / brains/ emotions.
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