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Braino Puzzle

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• One of the most useful Psycho-Education products around. • Used during therapy with children and adults. • Provides an excellent articulation of the brain; in particular for making reference to the results of trauma on the brain. • Redesigned with magnets to hold all the pieces in place. • Includes padded envelope for safe storage. Brain-O Puzzle has been completely redesigned, including embedded magnets. This ensures no loose pieces that fall out. This product is lighter and considerably easier to use than the previous version. Brain-O includes a protective/padded sleeve that will protect the product from minor scratches and bumps - this makes it easy to transport the puzzle when travelling. Brain-O puzzle is used in Psycho-education for traumatised and dissociative children, as well as adults. Dr Renee Marks from Integrate Families along with her team and many other therapists around the world use this product to assist with their therapeutic process. This product is particularly helpful at enabling both child and adult, to gain a much better understanding about the impact of trauma and dissociation on the brain. It will apply to any and all therapists and social workers who work with traumatised children and adults. Made in England PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A TOY.
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